Podnews Weekly Review
Podnews Weekly Review
The last word in podcasting news. Every Friday James Cridland and Sam Sethi review and analyse the week’s top podcasting news as covered on Podnews. We also interview some of the biggest names in podcasting making the news.
Sam SethiJames Cridland

Brendan Mulligan and Lisa Jacobs

Nov 24, 2023 • 90 mins

This episode covers Sam Sethi and James Cridland's 4 rules of apps, AI tools in podcasting, the effect of Apple's auto downloads change, and an interview with Lisa Jacobs about ad quality. It also discusses unionization in podcasting, podcast rankers, advertising plans, and tech updates. Features an interview with Brendan Mulligan about Podpage.

Key Points

  • Goodpods removed AI-generated descriptions due to inaccuracies, highlighting the challenges and limitations of AI content generation without human oversight.
  • RSS.com introduced a gift card system, allowing people to gift podcast hosting, signifying a unique approach to encouraging podcast creation and sharing.
  • Podpage integrated Podcasting 2.0 features, including funding and person tags, demonstrating the growing adoption of the new podcast namespace to enhance listener and creator experiences.
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